What is Thrive Accelerator Program?+
Are you a Venture Capital Firm?+
What happens during the 3-month program?+
What happens after 3 months of accelerator program?+
Is Marwari Catalysts also an Incubator?+
I am a single founder. Will you help me find co-founder?+
Do you only support Marwari community?+
I only need funding and nothing else, will applying to MCats help me? +
We don't have a dedicated technology team will you help with that?+
Will you also invest in our startup?+
Who can and who can not apply for the program?+
I don’t need the funding, but I would still want to be a part of the program.+
What is in it for MCats?+
How do I apply for the program?+
How does MCats evaluate my application?+
How long will it take for Mcat to evaluate my application?+
We’ve already taken some funding. Can we still apply?+
Do we need to write a business plan?+
Where do I stay during the live-in and the accelerator program?+
If we want to work in Jodhpur can you assist us ?+

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